Sunday, May 9, 2010

I am Looking For My Self Esteem

So I didn't go to the party last night it was way too cold and rainy. I went out in my hometown with my girls and saw an 80's cover band called Lipstick. I was expecting a bunch of girls in the band, to my surprise they were dudes...who knew.

I am having a self esteem in the toilet kind of weekend. I am tired of bullshit and I am tired of going out every weekend. I just want a man to magically appear out of thin air. I want babies and happiness. I want to be able to just cuddle on the couch and watch movies. I feel like I am so hideously ugly, and that is why no one wants to be with me. I have been picking myself apart all weekend, and of course I feel so pathetic. I know I just need to suck it up and get on with it. I really shouldn't beat myself up I think the biggest problem is I live in such a small town. Can I just tell you the pickins are slim. If the boys aren't already taken they are broken. I am a firm believer that they're all broken regardless if they are taken or not. The fucking life of a single girl, it's so fucking fantastic!! WOOHOOO!!

I even received some suggestion from friends that I should try some dating websites. I've actually put a little thought into it. (Just a little) I think it is because the boys around here are so abundant. lol If nothing else it would make for some interesting ass stories to tell you; provided I make it out of the date alive. Oh I couldn't resist! I worry about that because I think of internet dating as where the crazy people look for innocent victims to prey on. I know I said that I would only think about it but you never know where Mr. Right is.

Well I must return to the real world..until next time. Here's to love, life, happiness and oh yeah the internet!

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