Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well if you can't tell I have been neglecting my blog, and no it has not been on purpose. I have been busy gathering research. Okay you can insert laughter there because my life has been filled with working six days a week and school in between. I have managed to fill in the gaps with my usual nights out with Heather. Or should I say my nights of debauchery. Oh boy is she a riot...I wish you could meet her in person. She is the girl who would do anything for her friends, she is loud, boisterous, and did I mention entertaining. When Heather has too much to drink she is a repeater, and I mean repeater in the worst way. She introduced me to the same guy at least 4 times last Saturday night, and we already knew each other. She also tried to introduce me to him about half a dozen more times. It is amuzing with a borderline annoyance. She means well, and she is hilarious.

Anyway let me catch you up a little. Last week I went out of town with Heather and some guy that I thought Heather was permantly attached to. Haha We went to catch our favorite local band Surreal. I swear we are becoming groupies, I love these guys, and the new bassist is cute. Heather was permantley attached to her boy part of the night and pissed off at him the other part. I guess that is what happens when you're totally drunk. I would have no idea...totally drunk part yes boy part no. We'll go back to me because we can; this bassist in the band is cute but I do not want him to think I like him too much. He wanted to go back with me last week, and this girl does not play that game. I do not meet a boy and then hook up with him right away. Espesially boys in bars...come on! Although I did meet him two weeks prior but I know nothing about this guy. So I told him that I had to take drunk and drunker home because I was the DD. I also said that I would see him this Saturday when they played again. He had time to ask for my number but did not; so no big deal.

Last night I went out by myself because my partner in crime is on a family vacation. Of course I went to the bar to see my favorite local band, and hang out with my peeps there. I immediatly make eye contact with the bassist,(I really need to give him a name) and we talked for a few, but he was busy. It seemed like he was being pulled in five different directions. He talked to me a few times throughout the night, and he seems a little shy but sweet. At the end of the night before they were done playing I left without saying goodbye or maybe even giving him a chance to get my number. Is that mean does that send mixed signals. I don't want him thinking that I am a bar fly. Haha! I couldn't resist. After all he is just another boy and if it is nothing then nothing has happened between us. I just want a boy to have to work for it damnit!!

Well here is until next time. I will try to keep you up to speed.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well kiddos I wish I could go out every night of the week so I would have fun stuff to report. I know if I did this girl would be fat because I love me some beer! Oh that sounds good right now. I am so glad that Memorial Day weekend is approaching. That is right the offical start of summer. I am ready to put my bikini on and go to the beach...okay the local lake that has a tiny beach. Reguardless I am ready to make it the best summer ever. I will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of my 25th birthday this summer, and one of my good friends is getting married too. I can't wait for the bachelorette party. I am ready for some hella good times! Oh and the boys we must not forget about them. There is the cute bassist from last weekend that I still have my eye on, and I will have to see what this weekend brings...more boys maybe!

So I have to remember that priority number one is just going out and having the time of my life this summer. I will meet Mr.Right along the way somewhere but why not have lots of fun right now!!

Well I know I kept it short and sweet tonight! Here is to love, life, and oh yeah...the internet.