Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Time Blogger-Intro

Hello everyone...or no one. I'm a single girl from a small town struggling to find her knight in shining armor. (insert laughter there please) I am 29, and yes I do plan on skipping my 30th birthday. I was married at one time for 4 years, from 22-26. At this point I live with my parents...THANK YOU ECONOMY!!!! I, like many other women are so tired of kissing frogs and oh my god am I so fucking sick of going to the bar every weekend. Yes mom I know I'm never going to meet a good man at the bar. I do have news for her the guys at the bar are not any different than the guys my friends introduce me to. At least the guys in the bars pretty much tell me that they want to fuck me....ugh!! I'm so not that kind of girl I like to make a guy work for it but hell even when you make them work for it they still turn weird. Why are guys such bitches?
I thought now it is time to have fun with these boys. This will give you a chance to meet my friends and the boys as I refer to them in my life in the small town. I hope you enjoy!!

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