Monday, May 3, 2010

The Prereq

Okay as the day went on I felt a bit guilty about bashing Mike. Haha I would've felt guilty, but since I have decided to change the names to protect the not so innocent then it made me smile and chuckle too.
I would like to start off my giving all the parents out there one piece of advice; the only piece of advice I can offer since I am not a parent myself. I am telling you right now teach your children correct grammar usage. Beat it into their skulls, and I don't mean that in a literal sense either. You will understand why I say this if you don't already know for yourselves. Anyway since I've given you a lesson lets have some fun with it.
My favorite part about going to the bars is the people watching; I love watching and subsequently making fun of said people. My second favorite part of going to the bar is the free drinks from the boys. I just want to stamp SUCKER on right on their foreheads. I am not going home with you nor am I giving you my phone number; just keep supplying the free beer BITCHES!!! Was that too harsh? I didn't think so either.
When a boy buys me a beer I am cordial and very considerate because of course I want another beer. I do believe that Mandy, Jenny, and I even had to partake in a couple rounds of pool at the Pub for many free rounds of beer...but ladies I said FREE. I do however have a prerequisite for having a conversation beyond a beer with a boy. This is absolutely huge in my book and should also be important in life. The word ain't is a conversation killer also the words don't and got used in the wrong sir! I go out in between New Castle and Richmond so finding anyone that can fulfill that prereq is almost impossible. When a boy starts talking like (for lack of better word) a redneck all I can think about is my beer and shut the fuck up!! I think if I could find a boy in a bar that could actually strike up and intelligent conversation then I might actually break my rules and give him my phone number...holy shit I am going to die alone!

Well on that note I think I might check out for the now. Here's to love, life happiness and oh yeah the Internet!!

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  1. You're doing great girly! Keep it up, I'm waiting for the post when you find true love! It WILL happen!