Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fly Boy

Oh Yeah I can't help but post again tonight it's on my mind. So on this conquest for love as I like to call it; I have to introduce you all to Mike. Mike is Mr. Responsibility, he has a great job, two kids that he takes care of and was full of promises. haha Fly boy is every woman's dream...a pilot. That is right money making machine, not that I am that way at all. It was just an added bonus. Mike was charming and told a girl what she wanted to hear...just like every other guy! I do believe his exact words were, "what you see is what you get." The most disappointing thing besides the sex and I will get there in a minute was I actually was beginning to like this guy. I told my BF Mandy that he is a male version of me. By that I mean a real smart ass; he could definitely dish it out as well as he could take it. I am a true smart ass I don't try to hide it from anyone. I want a man that can handle it and doesn't get offended.

Anyway back to Mike, he is actually my friend Shannon's ex brother-in-law. She was married to his brother. There are you confused. It doesn't' sound too redneck does it? Mike and I have known each other for a number of years, but never in a close way just in passing at parties and what not. Our relationship started off as a lot of playful texts and phone calls you all know the harmless flirting. We had a lunch date which went really well. I actually bought a new phone and it was the same kind that he has so I went over to his house and he showed me how to use it. Oh ladies that is an easy in but I don't recommend running to the store and buying a new phone. We talked and I ended the night with a ma'am I wasn't giving it up that easy. We even had another date and I went to his house again and still didn't give it up.

Then he was gone for about 4 days and things started getting really flirtatious between us. We were texting as often as we could, we didn't talk on the phone as much as we were texting. Fly boy got home late Sunday night and I went over to his house on Monday evening after I got off work. We talked for a little while joked around. Did I mention we started making out like two kids in high school. Oh yeah this girl was going to get some BOOM BOOM! Sorry the vagina was on hiatus for a couple months so it was exciting. Well as for the sex it was average at best. I wish I had some great details for you but it was your basic sub par fucking I really was in need of some mind blowing sex. Beyond the sub par fucking most of the flirtatious text stopped. We still talk but it's not as often as it was. We were suppose to have a date on Saturday which was cancelled because he was helping his friend move and then had to get up early for his daughter's volleyball tournament the next day. (which he conveniently forgot about)

We can't win if we give it up too early we are "easy" and if we don't give it up then we are "close off." I waited and I still got screwed in the end and wasn't worth it. Oh well there are other boys out there; time to move on to the next one. Here's to life, love, happiness and oh yeah the Internet!

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