Friday, May 7, 2010

Depreesed Single Girl=Broke Single Girl

Okay so Mike went from bad guy, to good guy, and now his ass is back to bad guy. I am so over it! I totally hate when someone ignores me when I call them. You all know what I am talking about because the phone does not ring as many times as it should...ugh! That was about noon today and it's 9pm and he has yet to call me or even sent me a text me. See and yesterday he was all about this girl. I thought about deleting him from facebook, ( I know I'm a fierce bitch) but I would delete him and he would probably have no clue as to why. He is male and therefore clueless.

So to help me get over this asshole like every other asshole I have resulted to some retail therapy. I decided to buy me a new bikini and some new bras for my new boobs. I plan to fully utilize my new purchases to knock some new boys dead!!! I really shouldn't have spent all that money...see buyers remorse is kicking in. Oh well it's too late now. At least I bought things I need, last time I did this I ended up with a new digital camera. I actually owned one but everyone needs two right! I wonder why I can't afford to move out of my parents house. Shopping is seriously like my crack...I wonder if they have meetings for my addiction.

So tomorrow I am suppose to go to a huge party with my crazy friend Heather. I am only going if I get my homework done, and that is priority number 1. So I am hoping to have some fun crazy stories for everyone and a longer blog for you too. Well I'm spent and I mean that literally. Here's to love, life, happiness and oh yeah the Internet!!

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